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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sewing Clothes

I have a ball coming up at the end of March, which is always very exciting. I looked around for an outfit ot wear, and there is really nothing around, fashion at the moment is so tacky, and it's just not me. I was telling this to my grandmother in law, great lady, 92 years old this June. She knows I sew, and has a quilt I made for her, and she told me I should sew something myself.

So yesterday I headed down to spotlight to look at the pattern books. there isn't much in those either, but found a nice hulter neck dress. So I bought that, and some fabric to give it a trial run, as it has been a very long time since I sewed anything wearable. I just grabbed some very oldfashioned looking fabric, and that will make a nice summer frock if it works out. I'll post a pic when done.

I have to go shortly to watch Jess play tennis, her first interschool match, it's very exciting, I love watching my kids achieve. Then I will do my workout for today, which is a 20 min run and 30 min walk, I am not very good at running yet, so I really only do a jog/walk/jog/walk.

Must get going



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