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Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm Back

Sorry you missed me. I have been so busy with school holidays, and starting with a personal trainer, and working outside, that I have not had time to blog, as I really haven't done anything of interest. We live on acreage, which is mostly bush, and we are trying to make some of it more inhabitable for humans. I love the wildlife around here, but I need to tidy up. So that's what I have been doing, and it is hard, heavy, and dirty work, but it sure gets the body going in this very cold winter we are having. Many days here it doesn't get over 8 or 9 C, and starts out around 2-3 C Burrr, I would love to live in Queensland. Maybe one day.

This is a photo of my daughter, playing soccer for her school, she plays goaley, and is very good. I thought I would add some world cup flavour to the blog, GO AUSSIES!!!! GO SOCCEROOS!!!! Posted by Picasa


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