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Monday, April 24, 2006


Well only one week to go, and the heating will be in the studio, yeahhhh! It is way too cold to go up there at the moment, but the good thing is, when the sun comes out, the studio warms up, as it gets alot of sun. The heater is a split system LG, so in Summer, when it's too warm to work up there, not anymore, it will be airconditioned, and in winter, nice and toasty. So they are coming next week Monday to install. The weather is meant ot fine up today, so I may be lucky enough to get up there tomorrow.

I have cut up, and prewashed my fabric, about 9 meters was left on the roll. I will go shortly and soak it in the soda ash solution, and then get to the dyeing.
The kids should be back from their dad's house anytime now, so the piece and quiet will be GONE!



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