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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stunning sunrise

Craig took this photo the other morning, how beautiful. We get some glorious coloured skies here inMelbourne, and this was certainly no exception.
Yesterday was Jessie's 13th birthday, Wow where did those years go!?
She was spoilt rotten, and you couldn't get the smile off her face all day, it was fabulous. We spent the day looking for the perfect pair of rollerblades, which we found. She had to get a mens pair, as her feet are
quite large, poor kid. But she is going to be very tall too, so she need big feet to hold her up.

I plan to hit the studio this morning, will have to see if that comes to fruition, got appointments, and must take my HP handheld diary thingy in to be fixed, as it shut down yesterday, and I had to reboot it to get it working, bugger of a thing. It's terrible when you can't find your information, and where you are supposed to be. But I got it working, and will note down my appointments, and send it to be checked....grrrrr.

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