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Thursday, March 16, 2006


This is the piece I was playing with on Monday, alot of fun, but everyone who looks at it says it looks like a seagull, which is not what I saw when I had the idea in my head. And now al I see when I look at it is a seagull, grrrr. I may make a few more, and stitch them together in an abstract way. It's a simple piece, which is some of my hand dyed fabric, cut into the shape I had in my head, and then batting and backing, and then quilted with a simple pointed stipple. The Binding, simple but effective. IMHO.

Here are some picture of my very untidy studio. It measures 8 by 4 metres. With my quilting machine/fabric viewer, across the middle. In the back you can see bags of scraps from my friends curtain/drapery business. I need shelves, and soon.
There are still paints and building equipment behind the door, reminding me the outside still isn't totally finished, one wall with second coat of paint to go.

He is the view from the other end. I need to move the quilting table about 2 feet down the room, as it's getting a little squashy. That's my design wall in the back left corner, I need a bigger one. That one is a cheap canvas, which I covered with cheap fabric, and pin the fabric too. Works okay for now. Cluttered sewing table, cleanup required. I might go to the op shop and see if I can find some cheap furniture for storage.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Michelle Frost said...

Cool looking studio.. Not messy enough :)

Shelley Nash


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