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Monday, April 24, 2006

Dyeing today

Today I got out the dyes, and instead of just throwing some in together, to get some ace results. I used some information I got from Ros, she gave me some great information and this is my step by step.

Starting here, I have washed the fabric, and spun dry. Many people I have heard now have said to not use normal laundry powders, and they have whitners etc, so I used the LOC from Amway, as I can't stand the smell of pure soap flakes, grouse!

This is the fabric soaking in the soda ash solution. Ph Up, purchased from Clark Rubber.

This is tha fabric after it was spun in the washing machine, after the soda ash soak.

I have written up what a chart and using small amounts of dye and water made little packages of four inch squares, to get a master plan, of how much dye with water, creates what colour. It was fun. The most teidous was taking the gloves on and off.

This is the tiny piece of fabric which will be wrapped in the cling wrap lining the bowl.

Next post will show the colour ranges I have dyed..... Posted by Picasa


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