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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hand sewing

I have been doing dome more hand sewing, I really enjoy it. I need to keep my hands busy all the time, and when watching tv at night, I like to be doing domething, otherwise it's wasted time. So I spent Saturday morning cutting pieces out, and then yesterday, I started together.

I like! :)

Yesterday Craig and I went for a drive to the Yarra Valley, wine country. We are very lucky, it's only about 45 minutes drive from our house, to some very beautiful countryside. We had lunch at Mt Rael Retreat, which overlooks Healsville township, from a long way up. Very stunning views. We bought lots of wine from three different wineries, and then made our way home. We lit a lovely fire, and relaxed the day away.

I have been cleaning up the entrance to our property. We are on a bush block, and it's getting a little messy with dropped branches etc. I want to plant a row of trees along the boundry, and driveway. Now to just choose the trees. Like I said, we are on a bush block, and there are lots and lots of gum tress. So I am off to the nursery later this week, to get some trees, about 60 of them. I will take some pics of before and after later. Posted by Picasa


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Frederique said...

Beautiful! I love the colors, and your wedding ring quilt will be gorgeous!
I added your blog into my blogroll, a large list of quilting blogs.


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