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Friday, August 11, 2006

To Dog or not to Dog!

Well that is the question. I have never really had a dog. Before moving to our home here, we had a dog, but without good fencing, and a long way to run, we had to give him up. I am now considering getting a little one. Maybe a pomeranian, or jack russell cross, I don't know. I will look around the rescue centres, and find the right one. We have been babysitting our grandpuppy, ( my stepson's dog) she is a red healer, and she is beautiful. It was meant to be a week, but she has been here two months, hmmmm, I think Craig's in love with the little lady. So I think it's time to get one that I can have for company during the day. I want one that is about 2-5 years, or even older, I'm not too fussy. As long as I can leave it home when I go to the supermarket that will be all. So if anyone knows of a dog that is available, let me know, otherwise I will keep looking.

xxx Claudia


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Rosy said...

As a owner of a female (spayed) Jack Russell I would like to tell you that they are adorable,smart and full of energy and character...but...they are the boss!!! We have had ours from the time she was 6 weeks old. She is now 3 and still full of vinegar. We have a lot of land for her to "vent" her energy. If you live in the "city" or have close neighbors a tight fence is the only way to have a "Jack". It is like having a 2 year old child!


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