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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The most amasing Moon

We woke to the most amazing moon the other morning, well many strange things we have seen around here this week. Yes this is the moon, at about 6am! freaky!
We also woke, on Sunday morning, to the dog barking, grrrrrrrr, I hate that. I looked up and saw something moving outside, large! I got up and turned on the outside lights, and nearly fell over, it was a DEER! A huge male dear, with big horns, just trotting around our house. We do live in outer Melbourne, on acreage, so we do get alot of wildlife, like kangaroos and wombats, but never, ever a deer, I didn;t think they even lived around here. But telling my friend who lives a bout 2 kms away, she has seen a female with baby, and her husband has seen a male. So we have a little family in our midst, very nice. I tried to snap a photo, but it was too far from the house.
I will post some pics of the new quilt I am working on. I have also finished and delivered my latest professional quilt (quilting), it looks amazing, it was all Japanese fabrics, which were just devine, and it was alot of fun to quilt. I forgot to take a photo, so next time. I will get the owner to bring it with her next time so I can take a snap.
I have started a new blog for my quilting service, a link is in the side bar, which seems to escape to the bottom all the time now! Does anyone know why????? Help me please.

xxx Claudia


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