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Sunday, December 10, 2006

More sun pics

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Scary Sun

In Victoria we are experienceing alot of bushfires, which I am sure alot of people would be aware of. Melbourne is blanketed in a layer of smoke, which is becoming quite unbareable. My eyes are killing me, and the breathing is not as great as I would like it to be, but regardless, we are lot better off then many people around at the moment. My thoughts go out to the families with fires threatening their homes and livelihoods.
My wonderful man took some photos yesterday evening, of the sun, it was amasing, the smoke had made it so muted, that we could look directly at it with the naked eye. Not something that you often see. It was a very eerie orange colour, made you feel a little nervous. The bushfires are a long way from us, but should one start nearby, I am in the car and outta here. It's just a house, and it's insured. We live on a bush block, and if the fire came through, we wouldn't have much luck.
The smoke today is alot worse then yesterday, we can't even see the next hill, wow! Off to rest my sore eyes.

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